Our IEP, Indoor Environmental Professional, has first hand experience and skills from years of mitigating water damages, structural drying training and is certified in proper mold remediation procedures. This gives him the edge over mold inspectors who do not have the hands-on experience with property damage. Combine that experience with years of education, training and certification in microbial investigation, assessment and sampling and you have a highly qualified mold inspector.
You may have a mold problem if:
  • You recently had a water damage not properly dried 
  • You have discoloration or "black mold" spots on walls, ceiling or carpeted surfaces 
  • You have areas on walls or ceilings that look like bubbling under the paint  
  • You notice a damp, musty odor in a room
  • You have unexplained frequent respiratory illness, constant allergy, cold, or flu-like sypmtoms
Services We Provide:
  • Residential mold inspection including digital photo documentationn, assessment, sampling, testing & written analysis
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Indoor allergen sampling & testing
  • Commercial inspection and detection for mold issues and indoor air quality iIssues
  • Mold remediation project consultation and assessment
  • Pre-remediation testing, written protocol
  • Post remediation evaluation & written verification including digital photo documentation
  • Testing for Presence of Methamphetamine - Possible meth lab use

Aspergillus mold spores

Mold Culture

Penicillium mold spores

Our Clients Say it Best
  • My facilities are free of mold and everyone is happy. Thanks!–Customer

  • The work was finished in a timely fashion and now I have peace of mind that there is no mold.–Customer